20 IDEAS to Boost your Baking Creativity

This bullets hit directly the way we think about food, opening up to new possibilities that we can bring to real life. These are not DIY formulas, but this is the way actual Chefs and Bakers get inspired to create and imagine new dishes

Jordi Roca’s dessert inspired in parfum

Be Inspired: Choose a song, a movie, a painting, or another work of art and try to capture it in a bake or dessert. Like Jordi Roca created edible versions of his favorite perfumes like Calvin Klein and others  

Celebrate the Past: Pay an homage to the classic recipes if you like them, they’re classics for a reason! 

Make a Lemonade: if you don’t have all ingredients nor all equipment, try to go around that and see what you can create out of lacking something 

Cross-Breed: Combine 2 different ideas into a single concept: like crossing croissant and doughnut (the cronut) 

Cronut: the mix between Doughnut and Croissant

De-construct: Break a well-known dish into its components, and serve them separately 

Deconstructed lemon pie

Name it: name your dishes and bakes, making a little fun. Instead of an oyster and granita, name it “oyster slurpee” 

Shift Ingredients: Substitute some of your ingredients: instead of apples, try pears, instead of almonds try pecans or blood orange instead of mandarins 

Make a look-alike: Adventure yourself into the world of faking things, a cake that looks like a burger, a fried egg, a sausage or a bucket of roses 

Look-alike watermelon Cake

Miniaturize it: Make it much smaller than usual, mini-cakes, mini-cupcakes-mini-croissants, mini everything, and they look sooo cute


Homage: Create your own version of remarkable desserts for you, or desserts from your child memories 

Reconstruct-it: Take well know ingredients of a classical dish and present them in a new way., like a Torte Sacher, made in an ice cream version, or in a creme brulee version 

Shape-shifter: Change the shape of classical desserts into portable stuff like a wrap, a push-up or a stick 

Push-Up Cake Pop

Re-interpret it: Use a classical dish as your inspiration and make your own version of it

Revisit a childhood memory: This actually helps your brain, go to the past and try to create a dish that brings back that moment or sensation 

Sauce-it: Add an irresistible sauce to any of the desserts to complete them, think strawberry sauce, fruit punches, chocolate sauces, liquor sauces and more 

Fruit Sauces

Stuff it: Put an egg inside the muffin you’re baking, put things inside things, think of the typical surprise cakes and go from there to more 

Stuffed Fruit for dessert

Make it Huge: Make it so much bigger than usual or at least one element in your bake, could be a giant flower in the decoration 

Huge Canoli

Theme-it: Create something inspired in the 12 Signs of Astrology or the 7 Deadly Sins, or your favorite TV-series 

Stars and Planets Cake

Versions: Create a Bake where you use the same ingredient in many different forms:  crunch, creamy, fried, boiled, pureed, etc 

Future-thinking: Imagine what a version of your dessert will look like 50 years in the future 

*Some of these are inspired by the Book Kitchen Creativity by Karen Page
*Images taken from the web

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