A MOUSSE is my Muse

Thinking of what to bake this weekend? I’d like to bake something fun, elegant, delish and with a smooth element or soft mouthfeel somewhere.

If you also feel like looking for Inspiration, recipe where you can perfect your technical skills or learn something new for your bakes, then this post might suit you well. I picked a MOUSSE!

All about MOUSSES:

Originated in France -of course- Mousses are just a flavorful foam. Mousse is literally “Foam”. There are sweet and savory ones. And although it’d be interesting to explore the savory ones when it comes to create desserts on your own, totally free style; I’m thinking Sweet Mousses for a Cake or Dessert for the upcoming weekend.


Commonly you’ll need to incorporate something foamy to create a mousse, typically whipped egg whites or whipped heavy cream, or both. Sometimes Meringue. They are often stabilized with Gelatins and Cream of Tartar, and they need normally many hours to “set”

The Mentality Behind it:

A Creamy Mixture + A Foamy Element get mixed and chilled for many hours

Common Bases to create a MOUSSE:

-Fruit Purees

-A Melted Chocolate frothy mixture

-A Mix of Fruit Juices and Egg yolks

-A Caramel mixed with Egg yolks

-Firm Tofu

-Creamy Cheeses


2 Cups Raspberries

1 Pinch Salt

¾ Cup Granulated Sugar
4 egg whites

Make a “Raspberry Syrup” Simmering raspberry and ½ Cup Sugar together, pressing towards the edges of your saucepan to obtain all juices. Simmer for around 2-5 minutes and then strain. You should obtain a homogeneous liquid. Cool at room temp.

Make a Meringue: adding salt to the egg whites and using a Stand Mixer, Hand Mixer or by hand, beat egg whites until peaks form and the foam is shiny

Gently fold in the syrup into the meringue using a rubber spatula

Refrigerate or freeze for 2 hours at least (could be made several days in advance)

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