A series about Flavour: BITTER

Big NEWS: We’re more sensitive to Bitterness than any other flavor, surprised? Yeap, our tongue picks it up faster than the rest. It does attract us in an unusual way, is almost addictive believe or not. Studies have shown that people with more sensitivity to the bitterness taste in coffee, drink more coffee. And this is is not the only scenario where Bitterness triggers certain “addictive” tendency to go for the next bite. Bitter comes from Bite by the way!
Many of the edible Bitter ingredients or plants are “good for you” but they’re widely rejected in the culinary world, not everybody likes this taste after all

How it Combines?
Bitterness in relation to others, can counteract Sweetness and it can cut “Fattiness”. You can “fix” a dessert that is too sweet if you add bitterness in good balance. You can also start designing a dessert by the bitter ingredient, and add some fatty or sweet element. If you smoke or burn some ingredient, it adds that nice bitterness to it

Some Bitter Classics:
Citrus Peel
Dark Chocolate
Burnt Sugar = Caramel
Burnt Honey
Coffee & Coffee Powder (very popular to enhance any flavor)
Green Tea
Alcohol (Bourbon, Wine, Beer, etc.)
Smokey Taste, Smoked food
Almost any “burnt” food like oats, grains, meats.
Tonic Water
Angostura Bitters (secret formula, it all comes from a bitter root)

Good Combinations using Bitter:
Smoked Milk + Sugar+ Oats
Milk + Burnt Oats
Burnt or heavily toasted Nuts in Cookies
Sugar Caramel + Milk like in Flan
Cream + Orange Peel/Lemon Peel
Cream + Chocolate + Coffee
Coffee+Cheese+Sugar like in Tiramisu
Cocoa + Bourbon
Dark Chocolate + Zest + Peels+ Sugar
Brown Butter + Sugar / Honey
Cranberry + Sugar in cranberry sauce

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