A series about Flavour: SOUR

Sour comes second to none! Well. . . in savory dishes Sour comes after salt and in desserts it comes after sweet. Other than that it gains the protagonist role all the time. Maybe coz it dramatically enhances flavor. It makes berries be more berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) and you can use it as a main ingredient for desserts. Plain sweet + sour as in “Strawberries + Balsamic Vinegar”

Anything that comes in the PH scale below 7, is acidic enough to be considered Sour. The lower the number the sourer you get. As a fruit ages, its acidic levels decrease, I would not like to be a fruit that’s getting old!

Here a list of some citrus and their level of acidity:  

lemon: pH 2.30
lime: pH 2.40
grapefruit, pH 3.38
tangerine: pH 3.90
kumquat: pH 3.95
orange, pH 4.35
mandarin, pH 11.50

Acidity in Baking and Desserts
Sourness/Acidity can be balanced in a dish using Sweet, Salt, Bitter or Fat. In the other hand, sourness can balance the rest of flavors including piquant/spicy

Cake Science
In the science behind Cakes, adding acidity is essential to help a cake rise. Specially if using Baking Soda instead of Baking Powder you’ll need to add some extra citric juice/vinegar, to trigger a bubbling chemical reaction. Baking Powder and Baking Soda are the chemical agents helping a cake rise to the occasion, if y’all know what I mean

Both came up as a substitute for yeast leavening agents, which caused allergies -Baking Soda came around 1790, and Baking Powder circa 1800- in Great Britain. Baking Powder was basically Baking Soda that evolved, including an acidic must found in wine barrels. if you use it in your cakes you don’t need to add more acidity (it contains it already). A cake without these kinds of rising elements, will be dense, sticky, gummy and most likely blocky-textured

Popular Sour Ingredients in contemporary cuisine:
-Lemon and Lime Juice (very subtle when use to enhance fruit flavors)
-Vinegars (from Balsamic, to Cherry, to berry-infused ones)
-Citric Acid (used in small amounts to create fruit jams, cocktails, “sour salt” and mousses)
-Green strawberries
-Raw apricots, rhubarb, berries, cherries, plums, pineapple, apple, oranges
-All lemon types (yuzu, buddha hand, limequats, makrut, Meyer, kaffir limes, Rangpur limes, Tahiti limes, Persian limes, etc.)
-Non-alkalized chocolate (non-Dutch processed)
-Vinegar Powders
-Lemon Powders

Good Combinations of Sour + Sweet:
Lemon/ Orange/Tamarind + Sweetened Cream
Lemon + Lemon Peel + Meringue Mascarpone cheese + Honey
Cream cheese + sugar
Cream Cheese + Passionfruit + Sugar
Strawberry + Balsamic Vinegar
Green Strawberry + Syrup
Chocolate + Banana

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