What is Arts & Bakes?

Arts & Bakes is a platform around Creative Baking. Arts, Creativity and Inspiration are at the core of this approach. You get to make connections with other Bakers and Pastry Chefs and join a tribe of very artistic ones.

Here is where to find all our content/

Post of the Day

Latest insight is shared here on regular basis, a little bit of everything on how to wake up the inner artist and bake!


Life stories of Artists and Top Bakers, Art facts and Creative insight, inspirational ideas and images.


Here you can find Recipes, classics and new takes.

Baking Online

Free Classes in video format

Paid Courses. Enrollment opens twice a year and limit per course is 40 bakers.

Baking Trips

You travel to meet a Pastry Chef in person and spend time with him/her. You get to master a specific skill or go deep into a whole area: Chocolate work, Pies and tarts, Pastries, Classic desserts, Regional baking, etc. You’ll travel to NYC; Chicago; Havana (Cuba); Rome (Italy) Scandinavia, and many more places adding to your self-discovery journey.

Who is Arts & Bakes for?

It is designed for Creative Bakers, those who want to dive in a journey for full creativity. The whole idea is to connect with people who want to break the mold, create art, and break free to develop artistry. It’s both for beginners and those who bake already, but it’s better for artistic minded ones.

Who is not for?

Not for those who have no interest in Baking or get inspired.

How Do I subscribe to your email list?

You’ll find an Add me button to join the tribe across all the website. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

How often will I receive your emails?

There won’t be spam or too many emails, you’ll be posted only about interesting things to you through couple emails per week.

How do I create a Profile in your Website and what is the purpose?

You can create a free profile in our website to become an insider, this step is hardly encouraged so you have the opportunity of ask questions, post images of your bakes and have access to a community of creative bakers. It’s free and it implicates no further commitment for anyone. Those who enroll for courses, will access the content creating a profile.

Do you offer Free Resources? And where Do I find them?

In Post of the Day you’ll find recipes, active links to Books, Shops, Art Events, Baking Events, etc. If you want to find something specific, you can use the Magnifier (Loop) in the Right Upper Corner of a page.

Free Classes are under “Baking Online”, totally free and you can watch those videos unlimited times.

Do you offer paid classes or courses?

2 NEW Courses launch every year under “Baking Online”, the prices are disclosed at the top of the page, all prices appear on USD. Limit is 40 Bakers per Course. These courses are comprehensive and can last up to 3 months. You create a profile, access the community, post pictures of your bakes, get personalized gifts sent to you, attend live sessions and get direct help with all your questions.

What if I miss the Enrollment period for a Paid Course?

Once the official enrollment is closed and the course is finished in real time (around 3 months) you can still enroll but won’t access Live sessions, fast personalized answers to your questions nor personalized gifts. Nevertheless, the content of the course remains the same as during the enrollment period and you access the community as well and the Facebook Private Group. Your questions can be asked at info@artsandbakes.com all year round.

What are Baking Trips and how does it work?

Baking Trips are accessible all year round, here you book a trip to spend a week with a Pastry Chef. They are designed for you to master a specific skill or a whole area of interest like: Chocolate work, Pies, Pastries, Regional Baking, etc. These are attended in person and allow quality time with a Master! Places like New York City; Chicago; Rome (Italy); Havana (Cuba); Mexico City and many more are on the list. Flight Tickets and Accommodation are not included in the price, but you get help managing your accommodation.

Do you offer Money Back guarantee?

A money back guarantee of 15 days is offered for Paid Courses after you purchase.

For Baking Trips, half of the price is refundable up to 1 month before the Trip happens.

Do you Offer Payment Plans?

Payment plans are available for Paid Courses only, not for Baking Trips.

Do you emit Certificates?

There will be no certificates or degrees but what you’ll learn can definitively set anybody for a professional path or career. Arts & Bakes is designed for self-taught fellows who rise to the occasion of setting their own rules.  

How can I work with you?

If you are a Pastry Chef interested in Teach through Arts & Bakes, please send an email to info@artsandbakes.com.

If you have experience teaching about Baking or Creativity and would like to teach and craft courses for Arts & Bakes, send an email to info@artsandbakes.com