Baker Anamika Biswas shares her thoughts and stories…

We came across Baker Anamika Biswas, from Mumbai. How she became a professional Baker in India, her thoughts and perceptions about a changing scenario after the Pandemic and so much more… we also asked for a typical Recipe from her area, which will be published this Friday…

A&B: How did you get into the world of blogging and Baking? Who inspired you?

Since I was in high school my grandfather used to get these amazing Parsi Mawa cakes almost every Saturday evening from an Irani bakery. These cakes were my favorite thing on Sunday mornings along with maska pav (sweet bread slathered with butter).

I always wanted to learn how to make them at home but we didn’t have an oven or microwave back then. When I was in college finally got a microwave so I started baking. First, reading some old school cookbooks from Neeta Mehta and Tarla Dalal.

I used to bake Fresh Cream cakes for birthdays at home and it made me feel so happy…I wanted the feeling to grow so I decided to expand my knowledge and learn more about the art of baking. After graduation, I studied Pastry for 6 months at school, and then I was an intern at a bakery for a month before starting out with my own home bakery and recently started blogging a few of my recipes.

Blogging helps to express my love for food and storytelling. For someone like me: an introvert that loves to share stories at the same time…My blog is a help in that way.

If I have to mention a person who inspired me it would probably be Tarla Dalal.

Tarla Dalal was an Indian food writer, chef, cookbook author, and host of cooking shows. Her first cookbook, The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking, was published in 1974. Since then, she wrote over 100 books and sold more than 10 million copies…

I simply connect with home-style baking and fresh bake-goods ( especially bread). Instead of something that takes a long time to be ready, my style of Baking revolves around the freshness of ingredients and making the best out of it through simplicity. I don’t think there is anything better than the smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread or a warm vanilla pound cake served with a side of coffee.

A&B: How is the scene in Mumbai when it comes to food?

The food scene is Mumbai actually keeps on evolving every now and then I must say…But recently due to the pandemic, I can sense people shifting towards more ethical choices while looking out for food options. I see an interest in supporting local brands and small businesses and bakers more. The interest on develop local flavors and traditions is there. Seasonal menus and even veganism are growing trends. People here are picking new choices when it comes to food, they’re looking forward to these new ways and options.

A&B: what’s your favorite dessert to bake? Why?

My favorite dessert to bake is and always will be A vanilla tea cake as is the simplest thing you can make that allows creativity to play with the recipe at the same time…Add in some chocolate chunks or squeeze in lemon juice, maybe some edible flowers to make it fancier and ta-da!!

Also, it’s one of the first things I baked along with my boyfriend who is my biggest support apart from my family, even before we started dating. He used to come over on weekends to help me with work and at the end of the day, we baked a loaf or two. This would pair with our bottomless coffee cups, to stay up all night working. I wouldn’t be lying if I say he actually fell in love with me because of my baking 🙂

A&B: What’s the most exciting part of having a Food Blog? What’s the most challenging?

Surprisingly the most exciting and the most challenging part of having a blog to me is the constant need to churn out new recipes and be at your creative best all the time. The days when you have tons of ideas you will be on top of your game and that does bring out the excitement in you but on the contrary, when you are having an off day and are unable to be creative that can really get you down.

A&B: Can you share a tip for other Food Bloggers out there?

As someone who has started blogging very recently the best tip I can share is to be oneself at all costs. If you believe in your food, then others will fall in love with your content. A few months back I used to get anxiety issues, feeling unproductive, or not creative enough in my work, and that used to take a toll on my mental health.

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