Do Artists see REALITY in a different way?

Do artists and the most creative people in this world really see reality differently? Many of the artists we know may not necessarily see reality in a special way, but it is almost certain that the so-called creative “geniuses” do perceive reality in a special way. Not to the point of psychedelia okay? but they have an instinct to find beauty and meaning in the simplest scenarios of life. I’m impressed by the fact that many people is born already with this outlook, with this highlighted perception feature. Some don’t need to go to art school or get a training. And I even wonder. . . how far a training on perception can go to help you change your vision?

Each artist has his own productivity routine, famous Painters such as Toulouse Lautrec, Dalí, Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir or Jackson Pollock all had a different way to be productive. Some preferred the nightlife of bars and canteens, alcohol or drugs; others needed the solitude of a studio or a house in the suburbs. There is no formula to produce Art, or a better way to produce something artistic. Some people prefer silence and there are those who prefer city life, night life or dangerous settings

But when it comes to perception of the outside world, it seems to be a common element, the so-called artist’s gaze. A way to find beauty or wonder in the ordinary elements of daily life. Nature can be a source of inspiration to create, or sound, or silence

Deep meditation has a direct effect on the perception of reality, creating a distance between the observer and the observed object. During this gap that occurs in perception, the possibilities for creativity arise.

Lately, experts in productivity -at the corporate level- talk about “state of flow”. One is more focused and everything feels natural, you don’t notice time passing and can achieve more through the day

Nowadays, the number of Chefs, Bakers, Artists and CEOs using yoga or meditation increases. When your mind is settled and you manage to calm down the inner “noise” of thoughts and feelings, one starts perceiving reality in a more vibrant way. The colors look more vibrant, sounds are understood clearly, and flavors intensify.

Chef Rick Bayless doing Yoga in his kitchen counter, he has confessed he used Meditation and Yoga before his Cooking

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