From Passion to Professional baker: Wendy Sim

A&B: when did you start to bake? How was the process, what was the inspiration?

I’m a self-taught baker thanks to the many baking materials available online these days! I started baking about a couple of years ago. My baby boy was just a little less than 1 year old back then and work was taking up most of my time, making traveling and heading out a lot tougher than I would like. My constant cravings for desserts got so strong I decided to bake to destress and also to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Baking is really therapeutic for me!

My inspiration mainly comes from traveling. I love to explore into bakes that are not readily available in Singapore e.g. our Ladyleflour Honey Cake was inspired during my trip to Perth late last year. Back home, we didn’t have any honey cake of this style and texture and that inspired me to work months on what we have now.

Honey Cake


A&B: what inspired/pushed you to make a business out of your baking skills?

Ladyleflour started out as a platform to share my bakes, I first started selling to friends and family, but word-of-mouth helped me bringing what I have today, little by little.

A&B: How the panorama for baking business entrepreneurs in Singapore looks like? Is it hard to open a business?

Singapore has been termed as a food paradise as we are swarmed with a cornucopia of food varieties and cuisines so it’s highly competitive when it comes to the food business here.

We are constantly going after new food trends and creations. 
That said, we have seen an uptrend and focus on home bakes especially during this recent COVID circuit breaker period. 

A&B: For how long you’ve had your business and what’s your most wanted bake? Why do you think people like it so much?

Signature Tiramisú

Ladyleflour just recently turned 1 year old this June and it’s been quite an exciting year! Our signature item is our honey cake since we are the only ones selling honey cake of this style and texture in Singapore. I have made our honey cake to be lighter and less sweet to suit the palate here. Many who have traveled and tried it overseas missed having it back home. 

A&B: Do you have a favorite dessert?

My favorite dessert has got to be choux puffs and tiramisu! I have a strong love for cream-based desserts, even when I was pregnant! So I also recently launched our Ladyleflour Tiramisu that is raw egg-free and alcohol-free so that everyone can eat it. That’s my personal favorite now.

A&B: If you could say something to the others, those trying to enter the world of baking, like advise, what would you say?

Can you tell a story of someone that helped you in your way here?

I used to think baking is difficult but I’ve come to realize baking is really a science. By understanding the ingredients we use, how they react, and how they come together, we can create really wonderful bakes. Do not be discouraged if the first few bakes of yours did not meet your expectations, just keep practicing and tweak your recipe and they will get better! 
I remember how when I first started Ladyleflour as a weekend hobby while holding a full-time job and I was reading up on posts by Aurelia from PhilosophyofYum whom you recently featured in your editorials.

Aurelia Lambrechts from Philosophy of Yum

My passion for baking was overflowing and I dreamt about doing more but Aurelia’s advice helped me through that period of dilemma. Her posts on how we don’t have to quit our job immediately to explore this baking passion but rather to do a gradual transition really spoke to me. Also, we don’t need to be professionally trained before we can start sharing our love through our bakes. Thank you Aurelia for always being an inspiration and great help!

Find her amazing work on Instagram as @ladyleflour

Find her website and see her Baking Shop in Singapore

Find her creations on Facebook, here

And now we know: it’s a real possibility! You start with your passion, you don’t quit your job. You look for a mentor, and inspiration source, and keep baking! Sooner than you know, you might own your bakery!

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