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HotChocolate Chicago

HotChoolate Chicago is considered today, one of The 20 Essential Brunch Restaurants in Chicago according to Eater. We’re recommending it this week in the occasion of our Mindy Segal’ frenzy as one of our favorite American Bakers, also the owner and founder of this restaurant

What is even more interesting, HotChocolate Chicago is not only a brunch place, it’s also a hub for Dessert, Bakes, Catering, delicious sweet treats and more. It’s a James Beard Awarded Restaurant and you can find it under “dessert-bar” “bakery”, delish food headquarters that actually also delivers…

Being there for more than 14 years this past March, and to celebrate the anniversary Mindy created a special-limited-edition Strawberry Port Red Velvet Cake

taken from Facebook

What to Expect in the Sweet Side

In the Dessert Menu, you can commonly find: Cakes, Pies, Cheesecakes, delicacies and crafted food including ice creams, sorbets and milkshakes. And of course: cookies. . . the famous Mindy’s thumbprint and others

some shakes
Hot Chocolate Chicago, interior
1747 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647


If you’re planning to visit Chicago, or even if you’re a local that didn’t know the gem, consider visiting 😉

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