Jo Ann Callis Food Photography: Beauty over Feminism

More than writing an art review on American artist Jo Ann Callis’s Photography, I simply enjoy her old fashion food images

Lately, labeled as plain and simple “Food Photography”, her work belongs to the world of Contemporary Art, represented by Rose Gallery in California

This was an artist with prominence within the American 70’s Art scene, whose work was related somehow to the feminist movement at the time

Although she confessed not to have an interest in creating a political statement through her images and also about the a dilemma between keep representing naked women or not, later on when the feminist movement took off (during that round)

His food photos were related to undeniable sexuality and sensuality, but for Jo Ann more than the objectification of women, her images of food and sweets are direct referents of beauty and femininity, rather than the political statement about an abused gender

I wonder how art critics describe this type of art, nowadays, in times of political rage and confusion about gender equality. I still like Jo Ann’s posture, -that of the 70’s- but most of all I love the beauty of these flirtatious images with eclairs, tarts and cakes. Just as they are, simply being beautiful beyond the labels.

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