Modak: a Mumbai typical

We talked to Pasta Chronicles this week and published an interview with Anamika Biswas. We asked her to share a typical Mumbai recipe with us… We know now her style is simple, relying on fresh ingredients with a very good earthy, good old organic touch to it all…

You might need the Modak Moulds

My favorite dessert or sweet that’s typical in Mumbai will be Modak which is made with cashew powder as one of the many variations and is also served as an offering of prasad to Ganesha idol during Ganesha Chaturthi.

*Modak is an Indian sweet popular in the states of Maharashtra and Goa and in the Indian region of Konkan. It is considered one of the favorite religious dishes of Ganesha and is therefore used in prayers.

Ingredients :

Cashew 500 gms (powdered)

Sugar -250 gms

Water 250 ml

Edible silver leaf

-Boil the sugar and water together, keep stirring to bring to a three thread consistency (point of syrup) *This stage is also called the hard-ball stage – when a drop of syrup of this consistency is dropped into a bowl of cold water, it forms a hardball.

-Let the mixture cool and next take the cashew finely powdered in the Mixer.
-Grind and add it to the cooled mixture.
-Knead thoroughly and make a fine dough. 
-Use this dough to fill in the Modak Moulds, allow to cool, and serve fresh on a banana leaf.

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