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Montréal: Pastry Shops Galore

Of all things said about Montréal one is for sure: this city is the standard for Autumn beauty. All tones of green, reds, rose, oranges, yellows and browns create a beautiful spectacle every year during this season. Inspiring and ultra-colorful, this romantic place has a lot to offer when it comes to sweets and breads. If you bake, you travel or just love to see nice dessert images, you ‘re gonna love this one!

Going ahead, here is a list of some of the most remarkable Pastry Shops in the city and some of its most famous and reviewed creations. What to expect in a city with that strong French influence?. . .  the best of the best on Patisserie and Boulangerie, just saying!

Afroditi Bakery 1971
756 St-RochMontreal, Quebec

A family run bakery and pastry shop since 1971 specializing in Greek and French pastries.

Mamie Olafoutis , (franchise)

Mamie Clafoutis created in 2008, by Nicolas (pâtissier) and Joseph (bread maker), these French guys established themselves in Montréal with the dream of succeeding, creating desserts and pastries from their childhood. It’s currently a Franchise with around 9 locations throughout the city.

Automne Boulangerie
6500 Avenue Christophe-Colomb

It started in 2014, when Julien and Seth decide to make bread that reflected the spirit of Montreal. The goal was changed the panorama of this “specialty” around Québec, that took them to create seasonal bread, only using the freshest and local ingredients.

Boulangerie De Froment et de Sève
2355 Rue Beaubien Est

La boulangerie De Froment et de Sève,created in 1995 with the sole goal of providing fresh and warm bread to customers. They offer pastry, breads, and other “viennoiseries” in their menu. Cheese and local charcuterie they’re considered some of the best in Montréal.

Joe La Croute
7024 Avenue Casgrain

Created by Joe, La Croûte is considered a top boulangerie in Montréal, with a display of exclusive breads according to the days of the week. Bread specialties and some of the best croissants in town.

Le Pain dans les voiles
357 Rue De Castelnau

Le pain dans les voiles is a “Boulangerie” and Cafe. Serving Breads, Coffee, Seasonal Pastries and More. They’re multi-awarded with: Meilleur pain spécial “le pain du peuple” (Maudits Français 2018); Meilleur baguette à Montréal (La presse 2015) and Meilleur apprenti boulanger au monde – Mondial du pain 2013; Deuxième meilleure baguette au monde – Mondial du pain 2011. They also offer cheeses.

Trou de Beigne
156 Saint Zotique 

Experts in doughnuts, they are founded in 2013. They are considered some of the best in the city and apply a modern touch to the rounds. Offering vegan and regular.

Mlles Gâteaux
363, rue Villeray

Created by Pastry Chef Fanny Thériault and Decorator Isabelle Leroux, this Pastry Shop offers Birthday Cakes and Holiday Cakes, seasonal pastries, boutique creations and more.

La Cornetteria (Petite Italie)
6528 St Laurent

The most famous Cannoli, desserts and croissants. Hailed as the only place in Montreal that bakes fresh cornetti every morning. Looking for the authentic italian taste.

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta
277 Dante

Created in 1968 Pasticceria Alati-Caserta is now over 50 years old. All recipes are made from scratch and from local ingredients, and everything, from the dough to the frosting, is done in-house. In the heart of Petite Italie.

D Liche
3964A rue St-Denis

D Liche are experts in cupcakes, a melt-in-your-mouth experience made from the finest ingredients. This pastry shop is also famous for custom cakes.

Croissant Croissant
2270 Avenue Mont-royal Est

A Coffee Shop that opens until stock lasts. Famous for croissants, pastries of all kinds, great recipes and seasonal. They launch concurses and are some of the best reviewed coffee shops in the area.

Fous Desserts
809, avenue Laurier Est

Experts in Dessert, Viennoise, Chocolate and Seasonal Pastries. With a long menu and a very sophisticated finish. One of the most well-known in the area. Famous for their entremets.

Les Co-Pains D-Abord
(3 locations)

Boulangerie and patisserie. Breads, sandwiches and pizza. They are a pastry shop and a wholesale as well. Well-known in all Montréal.

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe
1479 Laurier Est

Opened in 2010, Pastries and desserts, a lot if them include rhubarb. Founded by Stéphanie Labelle, who designed it as a “boutique pâtisserie”.

Point G by Julien Reignier
1255, avenue du Mont-Royal Est 

Specialized in Macarons, but this boutique also offers other petit desserts like madeleines and cannelés. Everything is so high-end and well designed, from the boxes to the ribbons.

Les Gourmandises de Marie-Antoinette
4317 rue Ontario Est

Created by Mickael, Gregory and Sarah in 2012. This is a pâtisserie as well as a “tea time” salon. Offering petit fours, macarons, chocolates, eclairs and so much more, is the ideal place to have coffee, tea or even dinner, with also savory treats on the menu.

Patrice Pâtisserie
2360 Notre-Dame Ouest

Pâtisserie and also restaurant. One of the most celebrated places in the city. They offer tasting menus, having also a wine tasting room. They work with local products and in season. Opened as a restaurant for half week. Chef and founder is Patrice Demers.

Sachère Desserts
1274 Boulevard de Maisonneuve East

Founded by Sonya Sammut who has already worked with Montreal’s most prestigious restaurants and Executive Chefs, as well as working in Europe and being a contestant on Chopped Canada, she has branched out on her own to create a successful catering business-Sachère Desserts. They offer amazing cakes by type in the menu, from Carrot to Red velvet. Als sweet tables and Wedding sweets.

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