Anges de Sucre Cakes, in London

We've taken the London route, after baking some of the recipes from Great British Bake Off. Here's one of the most amazing Bakeries in...
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HotChocolate Chicago

HotChoolate Chicago is considered today, one of The 20 Essential Brunch Restaurants in Chicago according to Eater. We're recommending it this week in the...
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13 Bakes we die to try & where to find them

We have developed an “eye” to go through Yelp and spot good places. So far, the method has never failed us and it goes...
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Fancy desserts in DCT

Because some of us "eat with our eyes", we've reviewed a list posted by Eater a year ago. We've picked some of the most...
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Macarons! Stories, the frenzy and famous Paris stores

Let's go from a disputed origin to the American frenzy that made macarons a pastry of cult. Let’s find out more about these petits...
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Montréal: Pastry Shops Galore

Of all things said about Montréal one is for sure: this city is the standard for Autumn beauty. All tones of green, reds, rose,...
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