Talking to Cake Master Hena Arora

In this amazing quest through the web finding the best self-taught bakers here’s Hena Arora: A Jewellery Designer and Graduate Gemologist from GIA London. She stumbled into the caking world in 2014 when she decided to bake her son’s 2nd birthday cake.

Funky Batter was born in 2015 as a creative outlet for her with cakes as her canvas. She is a self-taught baker and has a passion for a unique, handcrafted, theme inspired pieces of edible art.

She specializes in non-fondant work and loves exploring different edible mediums. She puts her heart and soul into each creation trying to bake the world happy, one cake at a time.

Needless to say, this is a special occasion for us, we’re thrilled and mesmerized with the beauty of her craft, no much more to say, and let’s enjoy the delicacy and knowledge behind these edible pieces of art!

A&B: how did you start to bake? How long did it take owning a Baking Business?

I started baking and cake decorating with my son’s 2nd birthday in 2014. I had really elaborate plans. I wanted to make a 7-layer rainbow pinata cake. I did extensive research, tried a lot of different recipes until I found the right one, and managed to make a cake which was really appreciated by everyone. That’s how my caking journey began. I started baking for friends and family and thereafter started taking orders. I started my Instagram page in 2016. 

A&B: where the inspiration comes from?

I find inspiration for my cakes in all forms of art, from textiles, ceramics, nature to any other art form. 

A&B: where do you get the ideas for crafting edible moss, butterflies, buttercream faces? How does this process happen for you?

I start out with a theme for my cake. Then I choose my color palette and decide on the different elements I want to incorporate. I follow a lot of art accounts (ceramics, textile artists, etc) on Instagram and draw a lot of inspiration from textures and colors all around.

A&B: what’s the most challenging as a cake master?

I specialize in Buttercream and Ganache cakes. I don’t use fondant at all. This is the most challenging aspect since I want to stretch the boundaries and use different kinds of edible mediums.

A&B: what’s the most exciting?

Using different edible mediums to translate my ideas into the cake is also the most exciting aspect. I love to think out of the box and thus have created a niche for myself.

A&B: what do your clients absolutely love?

My clients love and appreciate my style and more importantly how my cakes taste, after all, that is the most important thing.  They know I would not do anything run-of-the-mill and would not compromise on the quality of ingredients. I really appreciate their trust in me.

A&B: can you share a tip for Cake Bakers beginners? Any resources on where to find help?

Focus on what you enjoy creating and once you find that, make it your niche. Have the conviction to refuse orders for styles that don’t fall in your niche. Eventually, people will recognize your style and come to you for your unique skill… I would suggest first finding your style and getting started on your own (baking and decorating) to understand the basics. There is a plethora of baking and cake decorating videos and tutorials on youtube and Instagram  And once you have your basics in place, attending some good short workshops to take your skill to the next level is a great idea.

A&B: If you could see yourself as a “cake”, what kind of cake that would be?

I would see myself as a cake with muted colors, a lot of textures and layers, and a touch of gold…

Please, find all Hena’s work through the web here on Instagram and also on Facebook here

She’s shared with us a delightful recipe that’ll come handy for Cake Designers, Cake Lovers, and all peeps perfecting Cake-making, Recipe will be out this Friday…Come back by then and find it under RECIPES.

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