The Great British Baking Show: hand-picked Christmas RECIPES

Who doesn’t love The Great British Bake Off? Also known as #GBBO all around the internet now 😉 Probably the most fun baking competition on TV, which it’s almost 10 years old already!

For any amateur or home-baker this is the top show unfolding what’s possible! Opening up to the world of European bakes and classics like nothing else before. . . When you thought you knew all, classic Scandinavian buns, French Galettes, German Breads, Swiss treats, and of course British delights of all kinds -plus- American classics! come in the game. . .

Got to confess Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood‘s Seasons are our favorite, and that’s why we’ve actually done the job of picking and choosing some of the recipes from the episodes (specially the ones from Christmas’s Masterclasses)

We know how it feels to be watching an episode, loving it, and not having ever the time to write down the recipes, while watching. . .We’ve been there and done that job for you!

We also got to confess that our bakes might substitute one ingredient or too, cutting some sugar amount or adding an extra dry fruit, but we’ve picked recipes that put you through a nice baking Challenge for simplicity, confectionery, flavors, and the right level to become an absolute Christmas’ favorite, some of them might be delightful to make with children too, we’ve thought on the kids, who love to bake and decorate


White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake

A nice white chocolate cheesecake with candied ginger, festive holy leaves with pure chocolate and a home-made chocolate crust!

Swedish Bread Roll

A very classic and delish scandinavian roll taking saffron for the natural colors and dried fruits, a true exciting roll, easy to make!

Genoa Christmas Cake

A lighter version of the well-known Christmas Cake, this one has pineapple and many other festive dried and fresh fruits!


A real showstopper and another Scandinavian treasure, coming between Norway and Denmark, this is a tower of almond biscuits that could compete with any actual Christmas tree!

Almond Galette

A real challenging and delish French galette that takes more detail work and attention that it seems, although it could be ready in no-time, here learning simple and classic techniques to deal with puff pastry will come in!

We can’t wait to get into all of this Holiday Bakin’ , ordering already the edible glitter and more decorations. These festive bakes won’t let down. . .


*Images taken from Great British Baking Off and NBC online

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