The most inspiring Latina Baker by far: she “made it” so simple

The story of Dani (Danira Cancinos) from Dani’s Dulce Confections has really changed my perspective of it all. This story is sooo remarkable and down to earth at the same time, to say the least

-If you’re a Latina

-if you want to have a business or having one

-if you are planning to do it in the Baking industry

– and if you’re on your own (aka no $$$ to invest)

you might love this!

Have you heard the words “own it”, “figuring out the money thing with a quick formula” or be a “boss babe”?  and felt they were an American fairytale?  Breaking news: they still are!  Or the spooky idea of doing a fierce Facebook Live session to promote yourself? And feeling completely frightened? Well, that still applies.

And of course, the stiff idea of remaining poor all our lives kicks in. We understand and live in flesh how hard is to be an entrepreneur and how hard is to make money, period. And how different USA is compared to how we thought it was when we lived in our countries. We confirm to ourselves over and over that we’re never going to make it!

Well Dani made it, in a simple way, in a direct way, offering very affordable online mini classes via Facebook Live, and it worked. She first started to make couple hundred dollars a month offering mini classes via Facebook, they were like 20$ each, and people liked them! Then she did a hands-on class teaching a secret recipe she had for caramel apples and… she did it hands on because she was feeling bad for charging 200$ online. Finally, people ask her to teach the caramel apple recipe online, they wanted to pay for it, and she did. More than 300 people bought it and her first webinar made her over 60,000 dollars.

Now, how does that feel? This simple story blows my mind. And this is not another one of those incredibly fake “do-it-yourself” things. She used the resources she had, after 7 years making cakes on demand for friends and charging so little for them, she finally went online with her own resources and did it… She used Facebook Live and Private Facebook Groups to teach, and she taught her best and more trusted recipe.  

And, is that impossible? Nope is not! I think it is still true that being an entrepreneur is not easy, be a pro baker and be a superstar baker is not easy, compete with everyone out there is not easy and seems rather a lost cause!

But if you use the recipes you have, or the ones that inspire you. If you use free tools like Facebook Live and Instagram IGTV. . . if you at least try it in this direct way, you could definitely make it!

 *She invested 2,000 in a “how to create a course class, as far as I know this was her only investment to create a webinar”

You can find all Dani’s links down below 🙂






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