A series about Flavour: SALT

Much have been said about Salt in the creation of Sweets, Bakes and Desserts. If Salt was always important to bakers, mostly essential, to the point I was told every sweet needed salt (even a milkshake) . . .  Now is even more critical, cause Cuisine has evolved and the world of sweets with it. The line between savory dishes and sweet ones is ever disappearing, like never before in the History of creating dishes. Some of the most revolutionary approaches when it comes to create a dish, have happened breaking that separation, learning to mix and combine all kinds of flavors and elements, like desserts that incorporate bacon, bacon fat, capers, hams, mustard, vinegar, you name it.

If you want to start thinking in the direction of a creative recipe developer or even a fun home-baker that goes the extra mile, it’s important to start seeing yourself as somebody who stays in the know. This means you’re aware of the latest tendencies in cuisine to a certain point. You care. And if you do, you’ll realize that nowadays is a lot about seeing and feeling as somebody who creates recipes, who not only copies, and who can design and plate something beyond traditional cakes and cupcakes.

One of the main principles in the world of top chefs and pastry chefs today is: Less is More. That puts you at think of simple combination of flavors. For that, is good to start knowing the 6 Main Flavors: Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Piquant, and Umami. With “knowing” you’ll start getting references of new ingredients that are clear exponents of this main flavors. Next to do is combine this with that.

SALT: the so-called holy grail in Food preparation. Without Salt there is no beginning in cooking. It’s the most natural enhancer of flavors and there are so many kinds of salts and salty ingredients that a list might get you ready to start thinking of new possibilities.


Different Salts:

Kosher Salt, Himalayan Salt, Fleur de Sel, Maldon Sea Salt, Flake Salts, Sel de Mer, Shio (Japanese Salt), Smoked Salt, Truffle Salt, Tamari, Pink Hawaiian Salt, Pink Peruvian Salt, Black Salt (Indian), Bottarga.

Too Much Salt: Can be balanced out with Sweetness, Acidity and Fat. If in a dessert you want to include salty elements or Salt, you can balance out with some acid cheese like Goat Cheese besides using Sugar.

Good Combinations of Salt + Sweet *(some taken from Kitchen Creativity)
Farmer’s Cheese + Preserved Guava
Salty Pie Crust + Sweet Cream Cheese
Blue Cheese + Honey
Bacon + Fruit Preserves
Salt + Fresh Berries
Caramel + Corn
Prosciutto Ham + Melon
Nuts + Sugar
Parmesan Cheese + Honey
Peanut Butter + Jelly
Feta Cheese + Watermelon

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