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A&B talks to Aurelia Lambrechts, founder of Philosophy of Yum!

After many months of thinking what could be very inspiring for bakers (especially now that we spend so much time home), we went ahead and contacted Aurelia Lambrechts, founder of Philosophy of Yum

Aurelia has put out there a blog that’s not only inspiring but has helped so many passionate bakers and people who seek to turn their passion into a business. We’ve followed her for a time on Instagram and we always wanted to get in touch! We finally did and here’s the result…

We’re very proud of this union and the fact she’s been so kind and generous to share her insights, inspiration, recipes, and amazing stories with all of us!

Here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!

A&B: How did you start in the world of baking?

AL: Hello everyone!

Well, baking has ALWAYS been important to me. I remember seeing my Gran or Mom baking and feeling shocked these random ingredients like eggs, flour, sugar, etc. suddenly transformed into CAKE!

My parents bought my sister (Leaan) and I this kiddies’ cookbook. I’m pretty sure Leaan and I baked every single recipe in that book. And our favourite recipes we made dozens of times over.

My sister enjoyed the baking, but I was OBSESSED with it.

Of course, baking is just a “hobby” though, right? So I went to university to study Architecture. We often raised money for charity, so I’d always bake super yummy brownies and sell them to my friends.

After I got my bachelor’s degree in Architecture I wanted to work for a year before I went back to University to do my honours and master’s degrees.

Through a series of events; 

>> struggling to find an architectural technologist job, 
>> going to a birthday party without cake and then making DELICIOUS cupcakes at home to fill a craving,
>> watching baking shows on TV,

I realized I could sell my baking! I baked up a bunch of sample boxes and delivered them to a few schools tuck shops. There were still a couple of boxes left, but I kept them in the car as I drove to my next job interview – for a receptionist position.

I got that job and had to start working immediately. It just so happened that this day was someone’s birthday at the office! “I’ve got fresh baked goods in my car!” I blurted out. Everyone looooved the treats. So I decided to start baking goodies for every Friday for the office peeps.

A few months later I got a $500/month job in architecture, but I always kept on baking because I desperately needed the extra money to survive. Rent, student loan repayments, fuel. It was tough.

Over time more and more people started ordering for Fridays. Pretty soon I was baking up 100+ treats every Thursday night after work at my boyfriend’s house because my student house didn’t have an oven. One night I realized it was easier for me to bake till 2 am than to work in architecture till 5 pm.

The architecture scene was incredibly stressful – so stressful that I had to start taking strong anxiety medication. I so badly didn’t want to drink anxiety meds for the rest of my life.

One day my friend asked me: “Aurelia, for a moment forget about what you’re “supposed” to do. Forget people’s expectations. What do YOU really want to do?”

“I want to BAKE.”

That sealed it for me.

My husband and I got married, moved to Cape Town and I set out to make home baking my full-time career.

A&B:  Which bakers or baking businesses inspire you?

AL: Pretty much EVERY bakery that’s ever been featured on the Unique Sweets TV show! All these bakeries focus on DELICIOUS baked goods that make you cry, sing, and do happy dances.

THAT’S my passion. FLAVOUR- FOCUSED home baking. I mean no one gets up at 3 am and sneaks to the fridge for a bite of green fondant, right?

For me the whole point of baking is for it to TASTE super delicious. If it looks gorgeous, but doesn’t taste amazing, then it’s not delivering on its promise.

Of course there are a bunch of flavour-focused bakers that inspire me every day. Bakers like:

Christina Tosi from Milkbar,
Heather Bodine-Lederman from Pie, Pie My Darling,
Maura Kilpatrick from Sofra Bakery,
Krizha Bautista from Posh Pop Bakeshop,
and MANY more!

A&B: Do you offer any service to bakers?

AL: Yes I do 🙂

On my blog I share Home Bakery Business tips, Baking tips and Recipes from my own Home Bakery. Over time the Baking Business tips started getting a lot of traction and home bakers around the world started asking me for help with their business struggles.

Philosophy of Yum is now all about helping home bakers become the confident & successful Home Bakery owners they’re meant to be.

It pains me to see such talented, caring, passionate home bakers doubting themselves and their gifts. The world NEEDS comforting home baking now more than ever! In this challenging and scary world we live in there’s nothing as pure and comforting as home baked yummy-ness.

So it’s my mission to help flavour-obsessed home bakers to get the confidence and business skills they need so they don’t feel intimidated to share their irreplaceable gift of comforting home baking with people who need it.

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A&B: Your favourite dessert and why?

AL: My favourite is a fresh cinnamon doughnut. It gets me every time.

It’s rich, but light. Crispy, but soft. And cinnamon! Oh boy, just SO delicious!

A&B: Tell us a fun story from your journey as an entrepreneur

My cousin got married a few years ago and of course they asked me to bake their wedding cake. It was a 2 tier orange, white chocolate and cream cheese cake.

We were a bit late that day, so emotions were a bit higher than usual.

When we got to the venue we struggled so much to find the reception hall! We drove from one side of the property to the other and back again. Eventually we found the place, but my poor husband was just a bit too agitated at this point.

He abruptly pulled up the car’s hand break and the car LUNGED forward to a halt.

When we opened the trunk, the ENTIRE second tier of cake had fallen off the bottom tier!! And I use SOFT frosting, not hard setting buttercream, so there was a LOT of damage. I’d baked a few wedding cakes, but this never happened before.

I didn’t have any extra frosting with me. No baking tools. Nothing.

So throughout the entire wedding ceremony I was smoothing out the frosting with a fish knife! My husband and other cousin were grabbing décor from the tables for me to use on the cake to cover holes, gaps and damage.

It was crazy!

But by the grace of God it turned out okay! The bride & groom LOVED the cake. Still can’t believe this actually happened! 

I’ve learned through this experience (and MANY others) that success isn’t exclusively for people who NEVER make mistakes or NEVER fail – in fact there’s no such thing. Everyone makes mistakes & fails on their journey. You WILL fail & make mistakes. It’s guaranteed. But then you do your best to make it right, you apologize, you learn from the experience and KEEP GOING. You only fail when you quit.

A&B: Thank you so much, Aurelia! and you will always have us there for you! We really admire the work you do and think you’re one of the greatest out there. We really hope we can connect more and more!

*Aurelia has also answered a final question for us:
If you share a recipe from the top of your head, what would that be?

Look for the amazing recipe she shared under “Recipes” on Friday Jun 12

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