Photo: Francis Acea, 2016.

Arts & Bakes is full creativity put on bakes. Created with self-taught bakers in mind, who deal with the frustration of a myriad of recipes, not knowing where to start or how to become bakers on their own. Also for those who looove to look at beautiful sweet food images. 

If you ever dreamed of going beyond copying recipes and would like to express your own individuality, this was created for you! 

Inspiration, Tips, Recipes, Famous Bakeries and Bakers from around the world + (free of rights pics) to keep. 

It’s meant to be one of the few magazines featuring home bakers too, to give the opportunity to anyone who wants to own it’s next level. And… everything is free. 

To create something new, original and hard-to-find for the love of baking. Join this tribe! 


Giulietta Vigueras 

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