ART’ Replica Cakes

Tortik Annushka, a cake shop in Moscow (Russia), is creating the most incredible cakes with references to some of the greatest artists in History. Their hand-painted cakes showcase details from the famous Paintings

Artists and Paintings featured are:

Vincent Van Gogh‘ beautiful Sunflowers

The Garden of Delights from El Bosco (Netherlands), a very polemic scene for its time, with Bible references

A self-portrait from Mexican Frida Kalho

-Some of Basquiat’s (NYC) chaotic city scenes

Andy Warhol (NYC)’ iconic Tomato Soup

Sandro Boticcelli with his famous The Birth of Venus, a symbol of the Renaissance Period from Italy

-Hokusai (Japan) with The Great Wave of Kanagawua that has become so well-known and I’ve showcased in Arts & Bakes before (I literally love that wave)

Piet Mondrian (Netherlands) with one of the famous “Compositions” that changed Abstraction forever at its moment

The work of this Cake shop is ASTONISHING and definitely a source of inspiration, the perfection and delicacy of the cakes, the design, the execution of the replicas, is amazing!

Here, I attach the Replica Cakes with some references in case you feel like getting on the Art History wagon!

I can’t help myself with this. . .

Hope this boost up your imagination as well, they truly show what’s possible! A delight for the eyes and something that Art lovers can’t get over with! visit their IG account here


Liberty leading the People from French Eugène Delacroix
El Bosco, The Garden of Delights
Autorretrato from Frida
Andy Warhol’s iconic Tomato Soup
Hokusai’ lovely Wave

You can find the incredibly beautiful inspired in The Birth of Venus here

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