COOKIES like a PRO: advice from the best

This Cookie Advice comes from Mindy Segal, a very experienced and a pro-baker, the author of Cookie Love and creator of signature amazing cookies. We’ve put together what she says about the perfect cookies. And yes!, everyone can bake a cookie, but we’re going for the best of it all. . .

Mindy’s Cookies


-Know your oven well, “calibrating” the oven as pro bakers use to say, means know what’s the real temperature your oven reaches, beyond what it says on top

-Use 2 thermometers, 1 in the back and 1 in the front of the oven to know what part of the oven is hotter and what is really going on inside

-Also, a convection oven is ideal because uses a fan to circulates the hot air, instead of having the heat coming from the ground up. This makes convection ideal for baking cookies, crusts and pies, or anything that first needs to rise and then fall. For all that needs to be crispy outside and soft inside, is the best option. Although regular domestic ovens also work fine


-Don’t trust the recipe, study the cookie recipe through and through

-Foresee how your ingredients will react, don’t make sudden changes to ingredients, substitutions in flours, salts and sugar will alter the results

-See how much salt your recipe really takes, etc. If the recipe says “cold butter”, don’t use half-melted butter. if something needs to be room-temp, then make it be room-temp 😉

-Check how the dough is reacting to heat every 5 mins, even if the recipe says 15-20 mins baking time, babysit a little bit the cookies

-Different Cookies bake differently, consider using different sheets like or none: parchment paper, teflon, silicone cookie sheets or a silpat. Teflon for example seems to work very well with meringue based cookies (who would have thought)

Last but no Least

Do what the professionals do, trial and error


*Images taken from Mindy Segal’s web search

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