Edible Moss Carpet by Funky Batter

We’ve asked Hena Arora, Cake Master, from Funky Batter, for a recipe that she loved, here’s an edible moss carpet that could take your cake game to the next level…

I would love to share my edible moss recipe which has become quite popular. 


1 egg

30 g Corn Syrup

12 g Castor Sugar

25 g AP Flour

5 g Baking Powder

Few drops of leaf green edible gel colour


Whisk egg, corn syrup, and sugar.
Add color.
Sieve and fold the dry ingredients.
Microwave in a shallow dish for 1-2 minutes (depending on the power of your microwave)
Immediately keep the dish upside down onto a wire rack.
Once cooled, take the sponge out of the dish and press down with weight.
Use once ready. 

Edible Moss

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