Talking to Cake Master Hena Arora

In this amazing quest through the web finding the best self-taught bakers here's Hena Arora: A Jewellery Designer and Graduate Gemologist from GIA London....
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Nikka & her Keto Desserts

We've come across Nikka, based in San Francisco Bay Area. Someone who started to Bake recently. Her steps into the Keto Diet and what...
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Jiřina Koisová (Georgina) A dream-like world of sweets in the Czech Republic

We came across Georgina from @pastryloveaffair, following the beautiful cakes and delightful colors... but we couldn't imagine how much more she had for us!...
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Mariana Peláez: Food Storytelling and Resilience.

We've interviewed Mariana Peláez, a Food Storyteller through Photography, who established herself in NYC after owning restaurants in her natal Mexico. Mariana went through...
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From Passion to Professional baker: Wendy Sim

A&B: when did you start to bake? How was the process, what was the inspiration? I'm a self-taught baker thanks to the many baking...
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A&B talks to self-taught baker Steffy Liza

We've found an amazing Indian home-baker with a very nice story to share with us. A can't-miss, Steffy Liza has an Instagram account where...
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Expert Melissa Fryer, from Build a Better Bakery

We keep going on the quest for amazing Bakers and Entrepreneurs out there, who aim to help you improve at your baking skills as...
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A&B talks to Shereen Hussein from Shero’s Bakery

This week, we're bringing colorful desserts and bakes, a delight to the eyes. We've interviewed a home baker: Shereen Hussein, who kindly describes her...
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A&B talks to Aurelia Lambrechts, founder of Philosophy of Yum!

After many months of thinking what could be very inspiring for bakers (especially now that we spend so much time home), we went ahead...
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Pâte à Choux: All you need to know and gettin’ started

One of the greatest Classics, Pâte à Choux is one of the basics in the world Bakery & Pâtisserie. After all, many of the...
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20 IDEAS to Boost your Baking Creativity

This bullets hit directly the way we think about food, opening up to new possibilities that we can bring to real life. These are...
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The Great British Baking Show: hand-picked Christmas RECIPES

Who doesn't love The Great British Bake Off? Also known as #GBBO all around the internet now 😉 Probably the most fun baking competition...
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