Expert Melissa Fryer, from Build a Better Bakery

We keep going on the quest for amazing Bakers and Entrepreneurs out there, who aim to help you improve at your baking skills as well as your baking business. We came across Melissa Fryer: Owner and Mentor at Build a Better Bakery

She is rock-solid on her approach to help her mentees. Experienced and ready to share many of her tricks, tips, and stories. Here’s all the valuable info she shared with us and we’re happily bringing to you! Hope you find it useful, and now you know where to find the help…

A&B: When did you start to bake? Who or what inspired you?

I began my journey in the bakery industry in 2005, while in Fine Art College, in Missouri, USA. I landed a job as a cake designer at the local grocery store, which helped me pay bills and live independently as a college student until I graduated in 2009. There I learned how to decorate cakes quickly, but not much about baking. As I moved from place to place over the next few years, I continued to land job after job as a cake designer, working in bakeries in tiny rural towns to a million-dollar bakery in a large city. In 2010, I opened my own business from home and ran a successful, profitable home bakery for about 5 years, until I had my first child.

If anything inspired me, it was a passion for art and creation. I get such a sense of accomplishment when I finish a piece of edible art. When I taught myself how to bake for my own business, I was inspired by the science and chemistry behind baking, and became interested in the universal cake formula and balancing flavor profiles.

A&B: What or who inspired you to make a business out of your baking skills?

I had seen family members become entrepreneurs, and I have a good sense of sales and communication, which led me to feel confident to open my own business. On top of all of that, I had been working professionally in bakeries for close to 8 years and had learned so much about the industry, from the inside out. There was no doubt in my mind that I could be successful with a baking business.

A&B: How did the idea of Build a Better Bakery come to be?

While I was stressing over starting a completely different business (an online painting business), I decided to hire a set of consultants to help me learn about the online sales world and what types of platforms would help me grow the painting business. While working with them, I dug down deep and discovered that my “why” was not there for the painting business. I didn’t have a passion to take that part of me online to the world. But I DID have a passion for baking, business and community, which led to the birth and launch of Build a Better Bakery. With this business, I am able to take passionate bakers and transform them into successful, profitable business owners within a few months.

I could talk about baking, designing, and business for hours, every single day! That’s how I knew I could be successful with something like Build a Better Bakery.

I have been continuously formulating the components of Build a Better Bakery since it’s launch, including the addition of the popular “Bakery Business School” Facebook Group and the evolution of the Elite Mentorship Program.

A&B: What can bakers expect coming to “Build a Better Bakery“?

Bakers can expect to receive the most comprehensive baking business support on the market today, from Build a Better Bakery. We pride ourselves in offering genuine, well-rounded support from both me and my team of featured coaches. We cover the most important topics to bakers, such as bakery business/sales, finances, baking/designing, marketing/social media, organization/cleaning, and photography.

Our signature program, the Elite Mentorship Program, is built to energize and fuel a baker to rapidly grow and uplevel their business within just a few months. In this program, a baker gets exclusive access to training and coaching from all coaches inside the program. We aim for bakers to be fully booked, pricing profitably, time-efficient and routine-based, perfecting products, and tapping into the rich group atmosphere, for support like no other group available.

If people want to learn at their own pace, they can take an easily accessible online course from the Bakery Business Guide Series. You receive lifetime access after the course purchase, so you can take your time.

And if a baker wants to become more professional right away, they can download our Professional Paperwork for bakers, like contracts and business plans.

The best place to start for any baker ready to start or build any type of baking business would be our free Facebook Group, Bakery Business School. Enter your email address when you apply to join to get a free Bakery Business Starter Pack, and also start receiving my weekly emails with baking business inspiration.

A&B: Do you have a favorite dessert?

You know, over the years I am leaning towards enjoying savory more than sweet BUT I still love sugar here and there.

I would say my favorite dessert is Tiramisu, as I really enjoy the textures. Plus, I love coffee!

A&B: If you could advise someone who is trying right now to start a baking business, what would you say?

I would tell that baker looking to create a business to do the following: Either find yourself a mentor (like me or another baking business owner) and ask them questions. Or if you have the opportunity, get a job inside a bakery to see how things work. You will learn so much faster if you work with a mentor and/or work inside a running bakery. It is lonely and confusing to start a business by yourself. Get out there, make some connections, ask some questions to qualified people, and build yourself a better baking business!

This is with great advice, generous help from an expert. If you want to find out more about Build a Better Bakery, find here below all the helpful links!

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