Guava “cascos” Cheese tart

In the world of Cuban pastries and sweets, is all about Guava. Although guava is an uncommon fruit and hard to find in regular supermarkets in US or Europe -and the quality isn’t as high as in tropical weathers- desserts with guava are do-able and if you follow a good recipe and put good care you can obtain something that tastes and looks like the authentic Cuban thing

This tart uses Mascarpone cheese, which you won’t find in Cuban recipes, but I find it lighter and more sophisticated for texture than regular cream cheese for this cake

For a 6″ tart

1 Big Bowl
Eggs Mixer
Oven, (use as well a roasting pan filled with water to create steam)
1 Medium saucepan
6” Cake mould (with Removable Bottom)

Graham Crackers or your own pie crust turned into a sand texture
2 Tablespoons Butter

for the cheesecake filling:
225 grams Mascarpone Cheese
128 grams Sour Cream
100 grams caster sugar
1 Tablespoon AP Flour
1 Whole Egg + 2 egg yolks

for the Guava “cascos”:
450 grams of fresh guava (any color)
128 grams Caster sugar
1 dash of Sea Salt

For the Crust:
Mix your sandy cracker / pie crust mixture with your butter until it feels like wet sand
-Press in the bottom of your mould (just cover the bottom)

For the Filling
-Mix together mascarpone, sugar, salt and eggs by hand or machine, until very smooth
-Add your tablespoon AP flour by hand until all is smooth again.
-Pour your cheese mix over your moulded crust
-Bake at 400F/170 C using a roasting pan filled with water under the tart, to create steam. When the tart filling starts puffing, reduce temperature of the oven to 325F/160C.
-The filling will puff and then flat again, that’s fine.
-Let come to room temperature and cover, refrigerate for 4-8 h

Guava Cascos
-Peel carefully your Guavas so you take off only a thin paper skin from them
-Cut them in halves
-Take a small spoon and scoop out the interior (seeds and pulp)
-In a medium sauce pan, place your guava halves with water slightly covering them and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer until they’re tender when poked with a knife.
-Add sugar and keep simmering, the guavas should turn glossy and the water sirupy-like. (As soon as the guavas are glossy they’re ready but you can still simmer until liquid reduces to a thicker sirup. (I recommend lighter sirup)
-Spread them in a plate and let come to room temperature
-Cut the “cascos” in shapes, to make flowers, or stripes, or simple keep them whole if you wish

Place your guava “cascos” in whole on top of your tart or
arrange as you wish.
Serve Cold, it’s the Caribbean!


Finished Tart in slices

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