Is Creativity Contagious?

A clever Art critic would recognize it is easier to criticize than to create. It’s easy to assume that if you don’t create anything, you’re going to get bored, you will find yourself always doing the “same thing”

“Everyone is creative, all the time”

Andy Warhol

Is it really so?  

I always found this so hard to believe. Some people seemed to be very inventive and overcome obstacles through imagination and implementing some tricks and tweaks; other people seemed completely dull, never knowing what to do, always copying or following instructions. Lately, evidence is showing that the Creative Process is often pushed by being surrounded by Artists or people creating something. In that case, inspiration could be acquired, passed on, like any other contagious thing. If you hang out with artists or creative people you will gain insight into invention, new ideas, and bright solutions. Isn’t that cool?

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