Jiřina Koisová (Georgina) A dream-like world of sweets in the Czech Republic

We came across Georgina from @pastryloveaffair, following the beautiful cakes and delightful colors… but we couldn’t imagine how much more she had for us!
A family business that brought her mother’s dream to life (The only Christmas House in the Czech Republic), more incredible family stories, and a delish recipe that will publish this Friday!

A&B: When did you start to bake? What or who inspired you?  

My name is Jiřina Koisová, but my English speaking friends call me Georgina. I’m from the beautiful spa-town Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

My mom says I inherited my baking talent from grandma Juliana. When I was a child I spent a lot of time with my beloved grandmother. She was a fantastic cook and baker. She used to take care of the whole family, we surely remember her “signature“ birthday cake with great nostalgia.

I used to accompany her while cooking and baking, but unfortunately I never really baked with her. Just helped her around a bit 😉 These memories are my main inspiration, everything made by her was delicious and made with love.

I currently work on a few projects to keep myself busy, one of them is baking! I consider myself a self-taught baker.

A&B: How did all start for you as Baker?

I started baking about 1 year and a half ago in our Christmas House Café. I was managing the Café since around 2014, but baking was not something I ever tried. I just didn’t think about it as a possibility.

One day, out of the blue and by chance, I walked into the kitchen and tried to bake two things: a simple gingerbread and a berry pie. Both turned out delicious. My excitement started to grow with each new creation, but more importantly, the feedback from my family, friends, and customers was my most significant source of motivation to continue, to improve and dare to be creative.

My inspiration also comes from books, online sources and my travels. I love to travel and explore new cultures, cuisines and scents.

My favorite is the Middle East and oriental cuisine. I often mix oriental ingredients in my pastries, such as saffron, mastic, rose and orange blossom water, cardamom and much more…

A&B:  How the idea of owning a Café came to be?

The Café already existed. I manage it with my sister’s help as part of our family business. We own the one and only Christmas House in the Czech Republic, which it’s open all year round too. The Christmas House was my mom’s dream, so she counted on us and with family help, we ended up making her dream come true!

The Christmas house has grown and it has several parts now: a Christmas store/exhibition, a Teddy Bear Museum, and the Café. People visit us from everywhere in the world. Please visit @vanocnidum on Instagram or come to visit in person!

Vánoční dům s.r.o.
+420 353 220 091
Studentská 1/4
Karlovy Vary , 36007

A&B: How does it look like in Karlovy Vary for Café/Bakery owners?

People in the Czech Republic appreciate homemade cakes and pastries more than store-bought, and they don’t mind paying more for extra quality.

A&B: If you could recommend anything to visitors/tourists coming to the Czech Republic and looking to try the best pastries, what would you say? Where would you send them?

If they visit the Czech Republic and specifically Karlovy Vary, I advise them to visit our Christmas House/ Vánoční dům and our Café.

It is very beautiful town, don’t miss it! If they visit Prague, they will find plenty of amazing places to taste great food and cakes.

We’ll share a list of “must visit” places on Instagram @pastryloveaffair, and here in the magazine very soon. Come back for a list of Bakeries and Cafés in the Czech Republic.

A&B: What’s your favorite dessert and why?

I like different types of desserts. It is tough to name a single favorite, but I can tell you that a favorite dessert in our Café is Pavlova cake.

It usually disappears really quickly!

Our customers love Pavlova cake. They love everything about it: the story behind, it’s appearance, taste, and texture. Oh boy, the texture :-). Crispy on the outside and light, airy marshmallow-like on the inside, topped with cream and berries…

Georgina’s éclairs with middle-eastern influences

I personally enjoy eclairs, desserts with chocolate, salted caramel, nuts, cinnamon, crème brulée, crepes, ice cream and oriental desserts containing pistachios, saffron, dates, cardamom.. as well some fruit 🙂

Find all Georgina’s creations at Pastry Love Affair, follow her as well as Georgina Dahlia

Find the Café and Christmas House here

Stay tuned for a list of places to visit in Czech Republic (Prague and Karlovy Vary)

This Friday will publish her amazing Pavlova Cake Recipe, find it under “Recipes”

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