Jordi Roca

How this happened?
How does this Spanish gamberro* becomes the Best Pastry Chef in the World? Or the best Dessert Maker? like he likes to be called.  This happened almost by chance. Jordi needed a job, and his brothers owned a restaurant

He did not care about food and working in the kitchen, or any matter related to the Food Industry. He was not a Foodie, that’s for sure! The Brothers did not know what to do with him, finally decide to send him with the Restaurant’s Pastry Chef. He starts to notice that dessert making was fun, somehow interesting, creative, and like a playground or a lab, he could invent stuff

Jordi’s 1st Dessert
The Pastry Chef that was training him had an accident and was laid off – next thing we know- Jordi takes over suddenly, thrown into the deep water and not really “ready” to deal with the dessert’s menu of a Michelin Restaurant. Nerve wrecking for everybody. As Jordi himself told the press about his beginnings, one day he stopped copying the recipes and created his first original dessert for some customers that were regulars on Thursdays. He imagined one thing, did not even tasted during the process, did some freezing, demolding, setting and plating; he literally said: From what I imagined to what really came out of it, nothing to do, my first dessert was a piece of shit! Or in Spanish: una mierda vamos!

Doing the Opposite  
He attended an ice cream making class. First thing he does is unfollow the teacher’s advice. While the instructor said ice cream should be manipulated very carefully, the room should be smell-free, you need clean hands, everything must be pure. . . . Jordi goes home, locks himself in a room, start thinking of some inspiring smell. He connects his ice cream machine to a lit up Cuban cigar, through a tube!  That ice cream ended up tasting like pure smoke, Jordi combines this ice cream with a dark chocolate roll that passes by a Cigar to anyone’s eye. He calls this: “Trip to Havana”

World of Aroma
He had entered his own creative path playing with aroma without even notice. He would perform some of the most revolutionary takes in the dessert world and food creation altogether. He literally created edible parfums.  Did some experiments reverse-engineering Calvin Klein Parfums, and also created a dessert inspired in Angel from Thierry Mugler. Many others

Back to the Beginning
So, how does this happen? Jordi is today a source of boundless inspiration to all creatives, far beyond the culinary trades. The intention of having fun and do discoveries during the creative process proved to be more important than school knowledge. Although some of his desserts you can’t do at home, for the lack of technology, getting inspired by images and aromas is possible for any of us! Going outside and picking up the grass, a rock, a fruit, a root and just smell! That’s how Jordi did it, and then got into the kitchen and disrespected the rules, the books, the old notes

“I have taken every opportunity to have fun, to dream, to provoke, to amaze myself, and above all, to play. (…) I like to play to the limit, with irreverence and by breaking molds. I like to surprise at the very end, where the boundary between the pre-established and fascination is possible”

Jordi in The Desserts of Jordi Roca

*gamberro = vandal, wild, libertine, player

Jordi’s Creations
Edible Parfum

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