Macarons: how to fix them?

Flat, Cracked, Lumpy, Sticky, my macarons don’t have a “neck” or “foot”. . .
Let’s try to address these macaron’ issues! Yes, macarons have issues, they’re not easy to make at all, let’s just recognize that 😉

One day you get them just right, another day you don’t,
Don’t discourage and remember than even Pastry Chefs have a bad macaron day

Main Issues

My macarons are Flat or Cracked (overmixed or did not tap the tray before baking)
Mine are Lumpy and Flat (undermixed the macaron mixture)
My Macarons are too sticky and spread to the sides when baked (added too much moisture when adding color, if you used liquid color)
My macarons does not have a neck or foot (overmixing, changes of temp)
My macarons are hollow (oven was too low)
My macarons were fastly puffed and cracked plus oversize (oven is too high)


Meringue that is not fluffy or looks strange:
If meringue does not fluff to start with, probably some egg yolk contaminated your egg whites before beating. This causes emulsification, meaning the grease of the yolk will prevent whites from be aerated and fluffy

Also, you could overbeat meringue, and this would cause weird texture looking like this:

Right, stiff peaks meringue, will look like this:

*You don’t need a stand mixer to make meringue, you could use a hand mixer and have some help pouring the syrup

Cracked Macarons:
That’s a classic! You can avoid this banging the baking tray before putting the macarons in the oven. After you pipe them, bang them hardly against the counter 2-3 times

cracked macarons

Here, a guide according to website How to cook that

taken from “How to Cook that”

Lumpy, Overmixed, Undermixed
These problems are likely related to the mix, when you already mixed the meringue with the almond powder and rest of ingredients and you’re ready to bake:
-If you don’t mix enough, the macarons will be lumpy and might crack
-If you overmix, the macarons then will spread to the sides and won’t have a neck

taken from “How to Cook that”
Undermixed, Just Right and Overmixed examples

this is how the overmixed macaron mixture might look like, a bit too liquid:

you’re looking for this, some grainy texture:

General Advice:

-Start with no color, just plain white macarons to avoid problems with the food color
-Get a powerful food color in gel, that taints the whole batch with just the tip of the knife, avoid all liquids
-Separate Batches, start with 3-4 macarons baking at 350 F, see how that goes, this way you can mix more if needed before bake it all and increase the temp by 10 degrees and see how that goes 😉
-If oven is too low the macarons will have a strange ending, not a real “neck”
-Tap the baking sheet couple times against some counter before baking to avoid cracking
-Use non-sticky paper or a mat for macarons, otherwise they will stick
-Use a tray at the time to start, placing it in the middle of the oven

Let’s make the perfect Macarons!

*cover image taken from Shutterstock

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