Nikka & her Keto Desserts

We’ve come across Nikka, based in San Francisco Bay Area. Someone who started to Bake recently. Her steps into the Keto Diet and what she’s learnt and shared about it. Her story, her thoughts and her beautiful Keto desserts are a real delight!

A&B: How did you start to Bake?

My name is Nikka and I’m a self-taught baker. I’ve always been fascinated by Baking but never focused on it until now. I work full time in the Retail industry so I didn’t have the time to bake. Baking it’s very calming and my way of meditating I must say.

When I’m feeling low I bake, play on some good music, it makes me feel better immediately. I do crave sweets and carbs so I needed to be creative when it came to treating myself once in a while. I cook my food so I said… why not try low carb desserts?  

A&B: …why did you get into Keto? Do you do the Keto diet yourself?

I’ve tried keto 6 years ago for the first time and I kept the diet for 6 months to lose weight. It was good and I liked it! Food has always been my way of feeling better so I’d treat myself especially at nights with junk food. This was a rather unhealthy habit and I needed some basic ground to reset. I wanted to feel better about myself, so I thought of trying Keto again but this time I wanted a shift around my thinking, to feel better, feel healthier without going too crazy on it. It was a way for me to gain self-control.

A&B: What’s the most challenging when it comes to Keto sweets? 

Omg, so much substitution! I do miss the fluffy texture that AP Flour brings to cakes. But finding a tasty and good Keto dessert is wonderful. Keto calls for more expensive ingredients sometimes, so I invested in them. Sometimes I find on the shelves a “keto” product but when reading the nutrition labels I see ingredients that are not really “keto” or got too many net carbs per serving for one small item. 

A&B: What’s the most exciting for you in Keto Baking?

Being able to recreate some of my favorite recipes and have my friends and family try them, they would go like: how can this dessert be low in carbs? It makes me feel amazing! These expectations and playing around them. I find myself sometimes mind-blown as well with the amazing quality and flavor in Keto recipes…I wonder why I didn’t discover this time ago?

A&B: Can you share a tip for others, getting into Keto Baking?

Be open to lots of “trial and error”. It will be a challenge at first since there’s no 1:1 ratio matching traditional recipes, especially in terms of Flours.

If you’re new to some ingredients…it’s challenging… unless you’re a fantastic baker! 💖 

A&B: Which Keto ingredients you love the most and why?

For baking…Lilys’ baking chips! Dark and milk chocolate, they even have white chocolate in the market now. So exciting! it’s a pantry staple for me. I always keep a jar for each kind of those chips.  Heavy cream, I make simple ice cream, I add it to my coffee, make the so-called fat bombs, and of course, add it to my cakes. Also swerve confectioners, when I first did Keto years ago there was no such thing. I’m so happy to see how many new sugar substitution’ products are available now.

Keto has expanded and the knowledge built over time, it’s not a “new” thing anymore, it all started a long time ago. Can I add one more??? Unflavored gelatine: don’t know how I could live without it now! 💖 I’m very grateful and bake free of allergens as well since most of my recipes are nut-free. 

You Can find Nikka’s bakes on Instagram, here
She is also on Facebook, here

*Will post a Recipe shared by Nikka, this upcoming Friday, come back on Friday for the recipe…no spoilers but is a delicious Low Carb – Keto Cake!

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