Pâtissier Cedric Grolet: Perfection!

Cedric Grolet showcases all the beauty of his work on Instagram, confessing he only posts what tastes good, although we can’t know what these sweets taste like, we can easily assume how great his work is. He’s become an Instagram self-made star with around 2M followers from around the world. You might want to check his profile out (IG profile).

Grolet is still a world-class young rising figure, who has impressed everyone with his Fruit creations that imitate the look of real fruit. He plays with traditional French recipes without going too far, improving it as he says, but keeping deep respect for French classics.

Another “not good for school kid” feeling often nervous in class. He started to cook at a young age and decided to deal with Pastry School as an alternative for “regular” school. He was sent to work in China, Morocco, and Dubai, before baking in Paris, where he was working at Le Meurice Hotel. Pastry Chef at Restaurant Le Dalí, he was under Chef Alain Ducasse (not a big fan of sweets).

Grolet was asked to create the Dessert Menu in the restaurant -but also- enhance natural flavors and not to use much sugar.  He came up with his “Fruits”. The Citron one would have only (Lemon) as the main flavor; the Orange and the rest of them all take on natural ingredients and flavors as well. His Fruits can be considered art pieces, and they recreate the so-called melt-in-the-mouth effect. They are essentially a combination of Cream + Chocolate Ganache + Fruit. Sold-out as “limited editions” at Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC and many more places, these fruits have made Grolet an international name in the world of Pastry.

As his colleagues have said of him: he would forget the working hours and the schedules and tried to master all areas of confection in the Bakery, even the least appealing ones. Forgetting about time.

He has already opened his first Patisserie in Paris, showcasing the fruits as in an art gallery. Probably following the trend of many other great bakers who prefer to open their own bakeries, going away from the fine dining environments.

Became a source of inspiration for anyone who loves beauty and perfection, his desserts are some of the most beautiful ones around the internet.

I care about Flavors but I’m more obsessed with textures and colors.

Cedric Grolet

He would often ask his online audience: where’s the mark? where’s the limit for perfection, for beauty? Should I keep on going on perfecting still, what’s already “perfect”? In France, the quintessential hub for Pastry perfection, Cedric has won his place and keeps evolving…

Click here for a short and fun video of Grolet sharing his Pain au Chocolat Recipe!

Cedric Grolet at Le Dalí Restaurant
Grolet’s Orange
Le Citron (Lemon)

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