Where to buy all for Halloween Bakes and more

Halloween is approaching and we wanted to celebrate with a Free list of Resources. Where to find your Halloween spooky molds, skulls, spiders, colors and shapes? What to do when Halloween is over, when you’re in the mood for more?

These stores combine products from Bakeware to specialty ingredients and special decoration kits and tools to develop all techniques. After checking this out, there won’t be a thing that you can’t bake or do! Rare flours, flower making kits, edible silver and gold, edible sprays and spooky 3D skulls

Enjoy! And let’s get ready for the freakiest of holidays

Shop Chef Rubber

From Candy-making supplies, to color gel, molds, tools and kits for cake and airbrushing. More than we can even expect including real gold and silver flakes! They also offer custom made molds and more

taken from Chef’s Rubber facebook

The Chef’s Warehouse

All kinds of specialty ingredients, including Sugar Diamonds! They have an independent session for Baking Arts

taken from Chef’s Warehouse Facebook


Experts in baking ingredients, they carry all kinds of kitchenware, powders, flours, sweets, specialty ingredients imported from France and more!

Atlantic Spice Company

A wholesale company that offers the highest quality culinary herbs and spices, extracts, teas, dehydrated vegetables, nuts, seeds, botanicals and essential oils

taken from Facebook

Bake Deco

Black Icing, ghost and spooky cookie cutters in a section just curated for Halloween. This place carries a bit of everything for Baking Arts, from complete Cake Decoration kits, to ingredients and all sorts of equipment for Baking. They got other supplies and equipment including rolling pins, cake dividers, cooling rack, etc.

*They carry skull shape molds from Nordic Ware at a better price

taken from Bake Deco Facebook

Nordic Ware

The American brand for bakeware, with a galore of designs in any shape, they also carry special Halloween shapes, spooky skulls, for 3D cakes, and for all kinds of occasions like Weddings, Disney, honeycomb shapes, houses, mini and small bites and also accessories

taken from Facebook

King Arthur Flour

Ingredients, Molds and the best flours of all sorts. Oils, flavoring, coloring and more

taken from Facebook


Universe for decoration, supplies by categories, Halloween supplies, cookies, cakes, all kinds of dessert supplies and more. Cupcakes, Cake-pops, macarons and all you dream of! They also have a wholesale section

Bob’s Red Mill

Quality ingredients beyond what is easily found in supermarkets. Guar gum, egg replacer, coconut flour, specialty flours of all sorts, taro root powder, tapioca flour and more

Pastry Chef

Amazing tools for Cake decorating, to shape petals, chocolate butterflies, and more. Packaging, tools and ingredients. Gelato flavoring, sugar paste and many more specialty ingredients

taken from All Culinary Schools

The Modernist Pantry

Create spheres, foams, incredible sous vide, air fryers, all kinds of fancy and advanced tools for someone wanting to go deeper in creativity. This shop offers all the latest technology to create desserts and food in general, stretching limits of imagination and possibilities. Prices are affordable for the quality and rarity of the products

taken from Facebook

*cover image taken from Little Birthday Cakes

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