Yes, you’re the 1st reader of this Blog, it’s official!

If you’re here -right now- among the 2 Million Blog posts that are written every day; the 6000 tweets per second that are tweeted; the 250 Billion emails that are sent; the millions of Facebook and Instagram posts per day and the thousands of available Baking Books, YouTube Channels, techniques, Apps, advice, Classes, Videos, etc., let’s make sure you’re on the right spot because the noise has become overwhelming.

Arts and Bakes it’s created knowing all of this. Baking is often called a “saturated” market. We’re not doing this to turn into “bakers” or should I say. . . into “yet another baker”. There are too many out there anyways. We’re not thinking of entering a “market”. We won’t try to compete with anybody else out there. It is to start a personal creative journey; I actually take it very personal.

The spirit of excellence is behind it, artistry and dedication, these are actually rare to find. So, no fast formulas, get it quick, get rich, do it in 1 week, copy this recipe or formula, earn your degree in 5 minutes and alike. This is a path of self-discovery and interacting with the world at large. This is an ongoing process. I don’t know where it ends or if it ends at all.

You probably already have a degree hanging off the wall, you have a nine to five job like I do. You might have gone to school already, got a career (maybe), a family, a pet, a dream to achieve. (I have the nine to five job and got the degree in Art History but did not hanged it) I assume you are a passionate baker, you use your free time to bake, it’s your hobby and you love it, don’t even know why, but you do it.

You also probably have not turned that passion into a business yet or don’t even want to! You don’t wake up and produce 100 sweets a day for your clients. That’s perfect! Cause you have time to be more creative, to bake something that makes a deep impression of beauty and perfection or makes somebody happy. You’re free. The World can become your artistic lab to produce the cake of your dreams, to take your favorite recipe and make it your own.  To practice that decoration you often think of, to do that effect on the top of that pie or tart. To combine colors and shapes. To design from scratch. To project an ideal -you have in your mind- into Reality.

An Artist does not think where to stop. A true Artist only thinks: how can I do more? Where do I find that color? How can I combine this with that? How can I make it rough or smooth, or silky, or translucent, or holographic? A top Baker who does Art with its craft, does the same, in fact there is no difference in the way both of them function.

I’m here to do that! Arts & Bakes does that:

If you want to keep baking or in fact, start baking. . .

you dream beyond following recipes, you want to create

you don’t think everything has been “done” already

You want to live inspired and get the artist’ gaze for good

You’ve always felt like an artist or would like to become one

Then you’re on the right spot, we can forget now about all the billions of tweets, emails, messages, posts out there. We can focus here; we can start this together!

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