Your WAY or the Highway

Opened my mailbox first thing in the morning and I find the hottest news: high demands and expectations to do this or that, the hyperactive buzz. From thousand emails, text messages to social media posts that don’t actually communicate anything

Luckily, I find Baking is somewhat beyond this hustle, if one wants. It could become a meaningful conversation, doesn’t have to be like many other repetitive acts that go through the day . Designing bakes and desserts could be a 100% artistic, freeing task, like the process an artist follows to create an artwork or a shoe maker to create a handmade perfect shoe. And I know this might sound airy-fairy, even as plain straight BS to some. . .but there is a level of artistry is often lacking, even in the work of experienced creators. Why? Cause this artistry comes from simplicity more than technique, from relaxation and opening

Smelling something new, trying something strange, cooking a complete foreign dish, learning a new technique for decoration, these are the first steps in that journey and one needs to ignore what everyone else is doing, for a change. It needs to be your way or the highway when it comes to create something worthy 🐉

Now I’d like to. . . forget about the outer world hysterical demands and Bake!

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